December 29, 2015

Top 25 Favorite Polishes of 2015

Hi guys! Today I have my favorite polishes of 2015 to share with you! I always enjoy putting these together because it gives me a chance to rediscover polishes I've loved throughout the year and haven't worn in a while. Usually I have 2 of these posts, one for indies and one for mainstream brands. This year however indies really stole my heart....since only a couple mainstream polishes made the cut this year I've decided to just do 1 post! In case you're wondering these aren't in order of how much I love them (I don't think I could do that lol). Links for all of the brands included in this post will be at the end of the post! Check out all my picks after the jump!

Cadillacquer Memory Palace is a favorite because the mix of the soft base color and the subtle flakes, shimmer and holo really did me in. Cadillacquer is so fantastic at doing polishes like this. If you've never tried out the brand you are really missing out!

China Glaze Point Me To The Party is a mix of multicolored semi translucent glitter. I love how versatile and fun it is! Its always nice to see glitters like these from mainstream brands!

Cirque Halcyon is hard to describe and impossible to show on camera. Its a rose gold made up of tiny micro flakes of glitter. This is just perfection, seriously.

Crowstoes Wheelers Bag of Gold is golden micro flake glitter with sparks of holo. Apparently I'm obsessed with this finish this year, barely into the list and this is already the second one!

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking, no surprise this one is on here. It was on my wishlist for months this year and it didn't disappoint when I finally got it!

Different Dimension Buttersweet Symphony is a really interesting golden yellow with a touch of green. The color is a unique one and thats why I love it so much. Its not a color for everyone but it sure is a color for me!

Different Dimension Retrograde, if you remember my review of the Cosmologically Speaking Pt. 2 Collection in August then I'm sure you aren't surprised that Retrograde made this list. Its the most perfect brown holo ever!

Digital Nails The Dude Abides, this was the year of multichome flakies. I am a pretty huge fan of these kind of flakies so narrowing down the list of them to include in this post was hard. The Dude Abides made the cut because the flakies in the nude base are beautiful. This is one of the few polishes I've worn several times this year!

Essie Comfy In Cashmere made this list because of how it looks matte, though it is also quite pretty with top coat. I love the soft glow of blue the shimmer gives when its matte!

Femme Fatale Infamous Riddle is a must have if you like interesting greens like I do. Femme Fatale is pretty great at making really unique and interesting looking polishes, if you like that kinda thing Femme Fatale is a brand you need to check out!

Femme Fatale Lantern Waste is another unique beauty with a nice shimmer and flakies to boot! This one is much more gorgeous in person than it translates in photos!

GlitterDaze Sunkissed Wasteland is a gorgeous peachy orange holo. The color is a unique one and the holo is what puts it over the top for me.

ILNP Money Bin is another polish with those micro flakes that I've been loving this year. ILNP did several strong holos with the micro flakes of glitter (all of them were on my list initially LOL), but Money Bin was my favorite!

ILNP The Road To Awe is another multichome flakie polish. INLP also did several of these in pretty much every color combo you can imagine, it was hard to pick a favorite of them but The Road To Awe is a gorgeous mix of colors!

KBShimmer Owl Miss You is another nude with multichome flakies. It is similar to The Dude Abides but the flakies flash different so ya know...similar but not the same (and both awesome!)

KBShimmer Take The Punny And Run is another multichome flakie, KBShimmer did a bunch of these also and they are really easy to get opaque on their own. The outcome is crazy awesome!

Native War Paints Sweater Dress is a gorgeous strong shimmer, every polish from the collection was packed full of gorgeous shimmer. I had heard about Native War Paints several times before buying, but this one finally pushed me over the edge and I'm so glad it did!

Nine Zero A Peculiar Star is a gorgeous blue, it has a ton of depth to it which is why I enjoy it so much. I had quite a few Nine Zero polishes on my list but this was the standout when I was whittling it down.

Pahlish Squeaky Swings and Tall Grass was the polish that finally convinced me to buy Pahlish. They had been on my need to try list for ageessssss before that! This was a Bespoke Bath polish back in April so its not available anymore :(

Painted Polish 2 Year Anniversary Duo, technically this isn't 1 polish but whatever :P I think this duo was pretty awesome. Not only was the glitter gorgeous (and a 1 coater!) but the creme which was a first at the time for Lexi was outstanding. Since this duo came out Painted Polish has put out a few more cremes and they have all been great!

Painted Polish Grinch Green is one that pretty much made this list before I even put it on. I could tell I'd love it just from the bottle. Luckily the formula is good too so its gorgeous and easy to apply! Painted Polish does glitters like these so well!

Serum No. 5 Plur is neon gliter in a slightly cloudy base that glows white in the dark and its AMAZING! This is no longer available since it was part of a collaboration box but I just couldn't leave it off this list. It literally looks good in every lighting and when there is no light at all.

I can't with this pretty

Smitten Polish Ice Pop Paradise was another polish that finally pushed me to trying out a brand. Smitten had been on my need to try list for a long time and Ice Pop Paradise did me in. The flakies with the cobalt base are just perfect.

Virago Varnish Show Stopper, another cobalt from another new to me brand this year. I guess this must be the type of color that convinces me to buy from brands lol! Not only was this blue gorgeous but the formula was perfection!

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Caramellow  I had a lot of Whimsy polishes on my list this year but Caramellow was the stand out of the standouts. Not only because it was their first creme (that I was hoping and waiting for) but because its a gorgeous and unique shade.

China Glaze, Ulta, Sally Beauty
Cupcake Polish
Different Dimension
Digital Nails
Essie, Ulta and most drugstores
Femme Fatale
KBShimmer, Harlow & Co and Amazon
Native War Paints
Nine Zero Lacquer
Painted Polish
Serum No. 5
Smitten Polish
Virago Varnish
Whimscial Ideas by Pam


  1. Lovely polishes! I agree with you that Cupcake Berry Good Looking is probably the best polish of 2015. The purple holo bend is unbelievable!

  2. Marisa (Polish Obsession)December 29, 2015 at 6:09 AM

    Great choices!! I especially love the nude bases with glitter.

  3. very nice picks for 2015 favorites!! love a few of them :)

  4. Wow! Lots of variety. One of the fun parts of polish is that there is something for everyone. I don't purchase indies myself as they're cost prohibitive, but some of your choices are petty tempting!

  5. Beautiful choices!
    I'm in love with almost all ILNP Ultra flakies and that gorgeous Cupcake Polish.

  6. Natalie Carlson BrownDecember 29, 2015 at 7:10 PM

    These are my favorite types of posts. I'm loving your choices and wouldn't mind having any of them in my ever-growing collection!

  7. There are many on this list that I loved as well this year. But there are also ones on this list that are now on my wishlist! Caramellow <3

  8. I'm currently putting together my own list, so it is always fun to see what others chose. I don't have any of these here, and I definitely have to check some of them out!

  9. Love this list! I am hoping Cadillacquer mind palace will fulfill my long time lust for Two Fingered Salute, maybe it's better!

  10. ILNP link is broken at the end

  11. thanks for the heads up, I'll fix it!

  12. it's SOOOO much better... but that could be because BL chips right off on me (weird chemistry thing).

  13. Thanks fireweaver, I don't have the wear issue with BL, I just can't find it anywhere!

  14. Thanks Jen! :D <3

  15. Wonderful post thank you for sharing, must have taken you hours and hours!


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