January 29, 2016

First Impression Friday: Live.Love.Polish

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? I'm headed up to LA to go to Generation Beauty this weekend, I'm sure it'll be a great time! Today for First Impression Friday it's a little bit different, I'm trying 3 new to me brands from a new to me shop. You will see at least 1 First Impression Friday on another one of these brands in the future since I purchased from their own shop also.

The shop I tried out for the first time was Live.Love.Polish, they carry several brands both indies and mainstream brands. I've heard about them a lot of the last year-ish and went over to their site to buy the UNT Peel Off Base Coat, which unfortunately was out of stock at the time so I didn't get it, but I'll probably pick it up late.  I decided to peek at the brands they carry that I've never tried and ended up buying 3 polishes.

I placed my order on 1/1/16 and it arrived to me on 1/9/16, the turn around time was a tiny bit longer than started on their website but I'm guessing that it was because it was a holiday weekend. The polishes arrived in a small box and were wrapped  beautifully inside the box. Each polish was in its own bubble wrap bag then wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. There was also a thank you note tucked in and a copy of my order. I think its really nice when shops/brands go above and beyond with packaging like this, I know some people don't care but its a nice touch.

Check out the polishes I picked up after the jump!

First up is a polish from the brand Floss Gloss. I was drawn to this brand because they had really interesting shimmers. The color I picked up is Donatella which is an orangey brown/bonze creme with orange to pink shimmer. The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and had great opacity. The shimmer was visible on the nail but once you go out in the sun or bright light it tends to disappear a little. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

While I do like this polish and the formula was good the polish bottles are tiny, basically a mini size. I wish they came in full size because the shape of the bottle and brush I just don't personally care for. I feel like they are also on the expensive side for what they are , these minis retail for $8. I've included a photo below of the brush also, it gave me issues. The actually brush part is nice but its so stubby and short that I had issues applying the polish. That might not be a problem for everyone but it turns me off of buying Floss Gloss in the future.

The next brand I bought from is Fun Lacquer, people have been telling me to trying this brand for ages. They are brought up a lot on #NailGlossip and so I finally took the plunge. The polish I bought is called Blue Tears and its a blue jelly with a scattered holo. There holo is made up of small holographic glitters and the normal kind of pigment that is used in linear holos. The formula was good, it was sheer on the first coat but easy to build up and opaque in 2 coats.

I do like this polish but unfortunately I don't think I'll be buying from Fun Lacquer again for a couple reasons. Reason #1- the price. These are $16 on the Live.Love.Polish site and $11-$13 on the Fun Lacquer site. While the price is better on the Fun Lacquer site she is based out of Singapore so the shipping tends to be on the expensive side. There are so many fabulous indies out there that have gorgeous polishes for a more reasonable price, I just can't justify these. Reason #2- the polish isn't as dazzling in real life as it appears in the swatch photos that appear on Live.Love.Polish and the Fun Lacquer website. These are expensive so it sucks to get something and then be like...oh well thats not as pretty as I thought it would be.

The last new to me brand I bought is Starrily. I've already made a purchase directly from her shop also so there will be a first impression Friday eventually about Starrily individually. The polish I bought is called Magic Rainbow and its a crazy silver holo. This can be worn as a topper or on its own, I wore it on its own because I like crazy rainbows and wanted more than a topper could offer haha! The formula was good, it was sheer but easily buildable and opaque in 3 coats. Apologies for only 1 photo, I'm still trying to figure out how to take holo photos in my lightbox so I snapped this one while I was standing outside at work :P

Overall I like this polish and have already bought again from Starrily :)

Also wanted to mention that the box Starrily comes in is kind of fantastical. It has a unicorn cutout on one side and a star cutout on the opposite side. There is also all kinds of descriptive words in holo writing on one side of the box. My favorite part of the box though is the little flap when you open it up, it has a bunch of holo stars...I was like whaaaattt when I opened it haha

To sum up the post I would buy from Live.Love.Polish again, the shipping time was good and the packaging was outstanding. I would purchase Starrily again but would pass on Floss Gloss and Fun Lacquer. Both brands were nice, just too expensive for what you get in my opinion.

Live.Love.Polish can be found at www.livelovepolish.com


  1. My thoughts on Floss Gloss are the same...tiny bottle, tiny brush, blergh. LOL. I actually like their colors but can't deal with the bottle/brush. Glad to know about Fun Lacquer. I was going to try it but the price stopped me. Plus I always take the "glamour shots" of polishes with a huge grain of salt. Sounds like I was right to. Can't wait to read more about Starrily in the future!

  2. Sharon Parayos MerrittJanuary 29, 2016 at 10:04 AM

    Great review! Always glad to read about items I've thought about. I also love the way many indies add those special touches - makes it like a Christmas present! Thank you...

  3. Some really nice colors you picked up!

  4. Ah-ha!! This post is so helpful! I didn't know about FG's tiny bottle/brush, I wondered if FUN wouldn't be so dazzling, and had no idea about Starrily and the awesome box. I've ordered from LLP at least once, was getting ready to again, as they were first to restock A England Whispering Waves. But got emails today that Color4Nails and Beautometry will also restock it soon. LLP charges $11.50 and the others $10. Not really that big a deal I guess.

  5. I just can tell you that you should definitively get your hands on UNT, you'll never want to miss it once you have it! :)
    And the packaging by Starrily is one of my favorites as well - great pick!

  6. Wow. Your pics of Blue Tears and their pics almost look like two different polishes. Their pic looks as rich as pigmented as say, ILNP (who is my go to for pigmented holos) but your pic looks like you got robbed of depth of color! That Starrily is lovely though!

  7. Nice review! I like this series of first impressions. I've had nothing but great experiences with Live Love Polish too! That's a shame you weren't a fan of the FUN Lacquer, that's one of my fave brands. I find most of them to be much prettier in person than in photos.

  8. Ohhh have fun at Gen Beauty!! It looks so awesome! I agree about Fun Lacquer. I don't know how they make those swatch pictures so stunning. I like the polishes that I have from the brand but I don't feel like I need to own more, especially at that price!

  9. I purchased 1 FUN Lacquer and felt the same as you. It was pretty, but not as intense or opaque as I was expecting, and the price is pretty rough. I have never paid attention to Starrily before, but I'm paying attention now! I look forward to your review of them! :)

  10. I can't wait to try their peel off base coat, I've heard so many great things about it!

  11. Totally agree about that, I'm sure it adds to the cost of buying their polish but that's ok with me!

  12. Starrily is one brand I really want to try, I've heard really good things about them! I've also heard the same as what you've said about FUN Lacquer in that it's not quite up to snuff with the photos, which is always a bit disappointing -- especially considering the price tag.

  13. I have heard a lot about Live.Love.Polish and the photos on their website/instagram look too good to be true. I have never bought anything from their shop because I can get most of the brands they stock on Hypnotic Polish here in Europe.
    I own three FUN Lacquer polishes and I agree on them being too expensive for what they are. The last one I bought was The Art Of Sparkle, which is described as and looks like a pretty lavender holo glitter polish in their pictures. When I applied this it simply looks like coarse silver holo glitter in a clear base - so disappointing!
    That Starrily polish looks amazing though! Photographing holos in a light box is challenging because of the diffused light. The holo effect still looks best in direct light I find.

  14. I have been really impressed with Live.Love.Polish every time I've ordered from there. It doesn't hurt that my last couple of orders came with cards complimenting my color selection (flattery will get you everywhere).

    And I am SO with you on Floss Gloss. Tiny bottles, stubby brushes, and the formula of the cremes I haven't isn't anything to write home about. Also, acetone dissolves the gold plating on the caps (long story of how I know that) so the bottles don't age well, either.

    Starrily, though... Oh Starrily. I love me some Starrily. I've never gotten a bad polish from them.

  15. I've tried FUN Lacquer and Starrily as well, both purchased from LLP. I'm not a huge fan of the FUN Lacquers I have because they are micro glitter bombs in clear base which is not my thing -- the swatches and descriptions are totally deceiving! I have a couple of amazing Starrily polishes (neutrino/poison apple) but the swatches from her are also very photoshopped so it's hard to tell what they really look like.

  16. Definitely agree about the swatches for both brands. At least with Starrily the polishes are gorgeous in person also, FUN was kind meh in real life


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