March 3, 2016

Sunny's Body Products Sweet Treats 2.0 Box Review

Hi guys! Before I get into the post, just want to say a big thank you for the kind comments and emails I've gotten wishing my Grandma the best. She's doing much better and was actually moved out of the ICU yesterday, which is great! Posting will likely still be a little sporadic next week due to literally only being home to sleep between my job and being at the hospital but I'm hoping to not be there all day on the weekends so I can have some Jen time too :)

Anyway, today I have the Sweet Treats 2.0 Box from Sunny's Body Products to share with you! I was super excited when Sunny announced this box, the original Sweet Treats Box has been one of my favorites (even though I don't think I posted it). I love food scents so this is right up my alley! This box is a bit bigger than past boxes as it includes 2 newly launched products from Sunny, both of which I really enjoy! Check out everything in the box after the jump!

First up is the All Over Body Balm in the scent Marshmallow Peeps.  This smells exactly like you would think it would, marshmallows with a touch of vanilla!

Next up is the Bath Whip in the scent New York Cheesecake. This smells like you are standing in front of that glorious cheesecake case at The Cheesecake Factory...yum. This is similar to the cheesecake scent in the last Sweet Treats box but it leans more towards the graham cracker scent, if that makes any sense haha!

Next is the Cuticle Oil in the scent Fruity Pebbles. This smells seriously exactly like the cereal. I'm also still loving the metal roller ball in these applicators, it makes the oil nice and cool to put on!

The next item in the box is one of Sunny's new items and its called the Dry Spot Healer. I really like this product, its great for the elbows (thats where I always get dry) along with any other dry spots you have. It has aloe in it also, which makes me think it might be nice for sunburns in the summer time.

This is in the scent Cola, it smells like a nice fizzy glass of soda!

The Hand Butter in this box is in the scent Animal Crackers. This one smells like vanilla cookies!

Next is the Intensive Cuticle Treatment in the scent Sour Patch Kids. Its sweet and tangy, totally takes me back to when I used to eat this kind of candy at the movie theater when I was a kid!

The Lip Saver in this box is in the scent Dr. Pepper. This is the biggest throw back for me, I was all about the Dr. Pepper lip smacker lip balm when I was a kid haha! This one smells pretty much exactly like that one did...yum!

Next up is the other new item from Sunny, its her Lip Scrub! I've been pestering Sunny about making this kind of product for ages and man...I am so happy she did! The scrub has a really nice texture and actually tastes good if some happens to make it into your mouth. I've been looking for an alternative to Lush lip scrubs (besides making my own...because lazy) and this is the best I've come across so far.

The scent of the lip scrub is in Mountain Dew and it smells and almost tastes exactly like the soda!

Next is the Miracle Balm in the scent Rice Krispies, this one smells like marshmallows and vanilla. When I put this on and put my hand towards my face it makes me want a rice crispy treat :P

Next is the On The Go Lotion in the scent Krispie Kreme, this smells like a fresh warm Krispie Kreme donut! If you like the Donut Shop scent thats in Sunny's shop you'll like this one also, its similar but without the little bit of spice that Donut Shop has.

Next up is the Sugar Hand Scrub in Cookie Dough. This is a yummy chocolate chip cookie scent, if you like to use the hand scrub followed by the On The Go Lotion (thats what I like to do) these 2 scents pair seriously delicious smelling together.

Last up is the Triple Thick Body Cream in Cadbury Easter Egg. This smells exactly like you'd imagine if you like Cadbury Eggs! This also has new packaging for this box, I was excited to try out these new pumps but unfortunately I don't really love the pump as much as I hoped I would. If you are using the lotion for your hands its great but if you are using it for a large area, like arms or legs, it can be a little tedious to pump it as much as you'd need to. Either way, I like the'll be easy enough to switch out the top with one of the tops from an older bottle of this lotion.

The Sweet Treats 2.0 Box will be available starting tomorrow 3/4/16 at, it retails for $50 with free shipping within the US and $5 shipping for international buyers!


  1. Oh, I am sooooo looking forward to buying this box!
    Awesome review, as always :)

  2. I have been eagerly anticipating this box-- can't wait to try the lip scrub!

  3. Just ordered mine! I can't wait!

  4. I really hope I can get this box! Everything sounds absolutely amazing!


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