April 25, 2016

Nine Zero April 2016 Swatch & Review

Hi guys! I'm back, hopefully for good this time! Degen is doing really well, its been exactly a month since he hurt himself. He had his followup appointment at his neurologist last week and was given a clean bill of health, the vet said he's healing nicely and walking perfectly! I was waiting to get back to blogging until I was sure he was doing fine, I really haven't been able to think about anything else for the last couple of weeks...plus its been full time having to sit with him so he doesn't jump off something and hurt himself again, so I really had no "me" time to do nail polish stuff. It'll still be a couple months before he can go back to being a dog but he's at least allowed to walk around now. He was on confinement until his check up so he wasn't allowed to walk around, it was a nightmare because all he wanted to do was run around and be crazy once he started feeling better.

Now that life is sort of back to whatever normal is now I feel like I can get my brain back into blogging. Today I have April 2016 from Nine Zero Lacquer to share with you! Jess recently announced that these monthly polishes will no longer only be available during their specific month so if you've missed any (or just used up your polish budget for the month already) you don't have to worry about it anymore!

April 2016 is a light pink holo with a bit of silver holo glitter in the mix to make it extra sparkly. The formula was good, it was easy to apply and had good opacity. I used 2 coats for the photos below. 

Nine Zero Lacquer is available at http://www.ninezerolacquer.com/, April 2016 retails for $11


  1. So glad to hear Degen is better. We all missed you!

  2. So glad your back!

  3. Hi, Jen!
    I'm happy to hear Degen is recovering well! I wish both of you the best.
    As for the polish, I just looooooove holographic polishes and I wish I had easier acess to these American Indie brands. The only ones I have are Llarowe and ILNP. Nine Zero is on my list of brands I really want to try someday.
    Anyway, your nails look great with this polish and the holography is awesome! I just don't like this specific shade of pink for my skin tone, but it's beautiful, anyway.

    Kisses from Brazil!

  4. I am so happy to hear Degan is much better

  5. So glad Degen is ok! And I'm so happy to see you back :) Love ya girl!

  6. Welcome back!!
    I'm very happy to hear Degen is doing so great.

  7. How did I miss that Degen was not okay?? I'm so happy to hear that he's feeling better! <3 <3

  8. I'm so glad Degen is okay now! :) He's always the best thing in my twitter feed. :) <3

  9. So glad your love and dedication to Degen paid off. Wonderful that things sound like they are getting more normal-ish. This polish is scrumptious! I love girly pinks and add all that pretty sparkle and holo to it, oh my!

  10. hooray!! so glad you're back and the pupper is ok!


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