May 20, 2016

First Impression Friday: Lou It Yourself

Happy Friday! This week for First Impression Friday I'm going to be talking about Lou It Yourself. I can't recall where I found out about this brand, it was either in a Facebook group or possibly a video on JessFace90's channel when the brand was in a collab box...maybe both lol!

Lou It Yourself sells a variety of items ranging from polish to vinyls and nail and body care. Originally I went over there just for some vinyls but ended up grabbing a couple other things also! I placed my order on 1/1/16 and received my order on 1/9. Everything was packaged really nicely and it included a nice thank you note, business card and 10% off code for my next order.

I did have a bit of an issue with  my order, one of the vinyl sheets I had ordered was left out by accident. I actually didn't notice until 1/21 (because I seriously lagged at opening the package) so I emailed Lou and she literally replied within 1 minute apologizing and she let me know a replacement would be sent out. Unfortunately the replacement got lost in the mail. I emailed Lou again on 2/2 letting her know that nothing had shown up and we decided to wait a couple more days to see if they showed up but they didn't so she re-sent them again on 2/9 and I received them a few days later! I was really impressed with the customer service, especially considering how long it took me to realize they were missing and then Lou still being great after USPS messed up. (I never did get the original replacements haha). Customer service like this is what will make me a return customer!

Anyway...on to the actual products!

First up is a polish I picked up called Electric Relaxation. This ia a really pretty blue holo. The formula was good, it was a bit sheer but it built easily. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Next up is the No More Uglicles Cuticle Balm in the scent Gingerbread. I love balms in this kind of packaging for on the go and on my desk at work. I really enjoyed this one, I've already used it all up! The scent was great, exactly as you'd expect from the name!

Last are the 2 vinyl sheets I got, each sheet comes with 20 vinyls. 

First up are Honeycomb vinyls. I used these with a few polishes from OPI's Hello Kitty Collection for nail art!

The other sheer I got was the Flower Curlz sheet, these are the poor vinyls that had a heck of a time getting to me. The wait was worth it though, I really like them!

I used the Flower Curlz vinyls over a watercolor mani topped with black for nail art!

Overall I'm happy with what I picked up and will shop with Lou It Yourself again thanks to the great customer service!

Lou It Yourself can be found at


  1. Wow! That nail art!! You did such a beautiful job!!! I'm going to have to order those vinyls and try to at least, sorta, kinda, more than likely, not really succeed, in creating something like you did.
    Amazing! Love it!

  2. Some great items you talked about!

  3. Love that honeycomb mani, so cute!

  4. Nail Art!?!?! You should do more of it :)

  5. I try, usually its a big old fail LOL


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