June 23, 2016

ILNP Summer Shimmer 2016 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have the first half of the ILNP Summer 2016 offerings to share with you! For Summer this year ILNP has a normal Summer Collection and this half which is called the Shimmer 2016 Collection. The Shimmer portion of the Summer Collection is 6 gorgeous shimmers, they are gorgeous on their own but several could easily be layered over a base color to create a new and unique combo. These will be available starting tomorrow, June 24th, at 11am PST for preorder. During preorder you save $1 a polish so its a great time to save some money if you are picking up a few shades. The preorder ends on June 28th, I'll have the other 6 shades up before then!

Check out all the swatches after the jump!

Lilac Bridges is a light dusty lilac base with a strong golden/copper shimmer. This is one that would be great over another base color, because its sheer on its own it will pair nicely over most other shades! The formula was good, it was very sheer at first but it does build up fairly easily if you want to wear it that way. I used 3 coats for the photos below, but you may need 4 if you want total opacity with no visible nail line.

Pucker Up is a vivid pink with a purple flash of shimmer. This is the most saturated of the collection but it does start out sheer if you want to layer it. I haven't had a chance to play with layering this yet but I bet it would be insane over a black base! The formula was good, it was easy to apply and had a nice consistency. It starts out sheer but is completely opaque in 3 coats.

Ruby Sky is a dark blue jelly with pink/purple/orange shimmer. This is one of my favorites, photos just aren't doing justice to how pretty it is. The shimmer stands out better in person than its showing in my photos. The formula was good, again sheer but easily buildable. I used 3 coats for my photos. this does dry a little dull so you'll want to top coat it to bring out the shimmer.

The Boulevard is a blue/grey base with a strong coppery shimmer. This is my personal favorite of all of the Summer ILNP shades. The base is pretty and the shimmer is such a gorgeous contrast. Polishes like this are the reason I love shimmers so much...like seriously, how could someone not like this? The formula was good, it was one of the more opaque of the bunch but you could layer it over a dark base if you wanted to (I think it would probably look great over a dark purple or blue!). I used 2 coats for my photos but depending on how you apply it might be a 3 coater on its own.

Valentina is a light baby blue with a strong pink flash of shimmer. This one while pretty on its own is best layered. I've included a photo from the ILNP newsletter of this one over a few base colors so you can see how great it is! On its own the formula is good, it is very sheer but can build up to being opaque if you want to wear it that way. I used 3 coats for the photos below, for 100% opaque you'd probably need 4 coats.

Below is Valentina over a few base colors, this photo is from the ILNP newsletter! Safe to say I will be layering this over Super Juiced for my next mani, that combo is whoa!

Wallflower is a medium blue toned periwinkle with a flash of bright blue shimmer. The formula was good on this one, sheer at first but easily buildable. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Overall I really like this collection, not only are all of the shimmers gorgeous on their own but they all look great over other polishes so you get more bang for your buck. My personal favorites are Ruby Sky and The Boulevard but really they are all gorgeous and you can't go wrong with any of them!

The ILNP Summer Shimmers will be available for preorder at ILNP.com from 6/24 at 11am PST to 6/28 at 10pm PST. During the preorder each polish is $1 off!


  1. I'm definitely buying The Boulevard and Ruby Sky tomorrow! The Boulevard is so unusual, it's nice to see something really different.

  2. Oh man I have such a weakness for shimmers. They're my kryptonite. These are all stunning.

  3. I am SO looking forward to this collection! Beautiful shimmers!

  4. If I layered Valentina over a holographic polish, do you think the holo would show through?

  5. I wouldn't think so but its worth a shot!

  6. Oooh these are some stunning and interesting colors! I bet if you applied Valentina over a pale mint it would be a passable dupe for that YSL Peace Green nail polish!

  7. Ohhh gonna have to try that, I'm too cheap to spend the cash on YSL and that sounds like a great alternative!

  8. Love all the colors. So pretty. I can't pick a fave.

  9. lovely swatches as always Jen!

    how do you think Boulevard compares to Native War Paints Cozy Sweater?

  10. They aren't really that similar Cozy Sweater is a lot darker and more of a blackened blue instead of a grey blue!

  11. gotcha, thanks again! i keep trying to talk myself out of things that i'm just sure i already sort of have... and keep totally failing, haha!

  12. I think it would have to be a slightly more yellowish mint but even if it's not a dupe it will look super pretty anyway! :)

  13. Wow, I liked Valentina the most, even when I didn't know it's name.)))

  14. They're so beautiful!
    Is it just me or The Boulevard is kind of a sheer dupe for China Glaze Choo Choo Choose You?
    Btw, I miss your comparison posts!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  15. Omg it reminds me of cable knit sweater by NWP and also choo choo choose you by CG!! I own both already but am barely avoiding ordering this one too :)


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