July 27, 2016

Nine Zero Lacquer Accent Glitters Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have the new Accent Glitters from Nine Zero Lacquer to share with you! These 8 glitters are meant to be sheer but buildable so you can wear them as a glitter topper or on their own. I decided to swatch them as a glitter accent nail since thats kinda what they are meant to be! Check out the swatches after the jump!

Formula wise it was consistent across all 8, they were a nice consistency and easy to apply. I had no issues with them thickening up as I added layers which can sometimes happen with glitters. These are sheer but buildable, I used 3 coats for full opacity for all of my swatches but you could do 2 coats if you wanted to sponge on the second layer. These do dry with a fair amount of texture but it smoothed out easily with a couple coats of top coat.

Amethyst is a light purple holo glitter in a clear base, I paired Amethyst with Powder Perfect Watchful Nights


Citrine is a yellow/green holo glitter in a clear base. Depending on what you pair this with it can look more green, with my combo it leaned gold. I paired Citrine with Great Lakes Lacquer Shells and Sand

Diamond is silver holo glitter in a clear base, I paired this with Polish My Life Tahoe

Emerald is emerald green holo glitter in a clear base. This is my personal favorite of the glitters! I paired Emerald with Powder Perfect Robin Hood

Sapphire is sapphire blue holo glitter in a clear base. If you liked Painted Polish Stoned on Sapphire from my last post you'll like this one also, they are very similar! I paired Sapphire with Polish My Life My Violet

Onyx is black holo glitter in a clear base. This one is very similar to Holo Blackout also from yesterdays post! I paired Onyx with Powder Perfect Nottingham

Rose Quartz is light pink holo glitter in a clear base, I paired it with Powder Perfect Beguiling Presence

Ruby is red holo glitter in a clear base. This is another favorite in the collection for me, I think it will pair really nice with a variety of base colors! I used Ruby with Polish My Life Stripped

The Accent Glitters are available now at NineZeroLacquer.com, they are $10 each or you can grab all 8 for $75!


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