July 25, 2016

Painted Polish Holo Blackout & Stoned on Sapphire Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was good...got some stuff done around my house! Today I have a couple polishes from Painted Polish to share with you. Both of these are super gorgeous glitters!

First up is Holo Blackout, a black holographic glitter. This isn't silver holo glitter in a black base, its actually black holo glitter in a clear base. I don't have anything quite like this so its a welcome addition to my stash! You could wear this as a super dense glitter topper or you can build it up to be opaque on its own...I personally like it on its own! The formula was good, it was a little thick but I had no issues with application and the glitter payoff was good. I used 3 coats for my photos below, but next time I'll probably sponge on the second layer to save some time! This does dry with a little bit of texture so you'll want to top coat it to smooth it out and shine it up!

Stoned On Sapphire is sapphire blue holo glitter in a clear base. This is what I'm talking about, if you like blues and don't already have this you'll want to pick it up! The formula was good, a little bit thick like Holo Blackout but easy to apply. The glitter payoff was really good, it was easy to get opaque on its own in 3 thin coats. This also dried with a little texture, I used top coat for my photos.

Both of these polishes are available now at PaintedPolish.com, each one retails for $10! 


  1. Fun glittery polishes these are!

  2. Just made my first PP order this weekend and I had both of these in my cart then put them back. What was I thinking!??!

  3. catherine happenyJuly 26, 2016 at 2:33 PM

    Looks just like black holo witch and how deep is your holo from fun lacquer

  4. except they came out first and are much cheaper!!

  5. catherine happenyJuly 26, 2016 at 7:01 PM

    I never even noticed then until after I saw the fun lacquers and I remember thinking, hmmm that's odd the same color glitters are popping up everywhere now lol

  6. My post tomorrow has 2 similar ones also, they are popular all of a sudden now. Thats fine by me though because they are so pretty!


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