July 6, 2016

Powder Perfect Midlands Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have the Midlands Collection from Powder Perfect to share with you! This collection is inspired by the part of England that is home to a lot of interesting things including Sherwood Forest which is what this collection is mostly inspired by! I actually had no idea how many things were inspired by people and places in that area, I was doing some reading while procrastinating on writing this post and got sucked in. Check out the swatches after the jump!

Maid Marian is a purple/red base with a gold duo chrome with a bit of golden to pink shimmer. The formula was good, it was a touch sheer but it built easily and was easy to apply. I used 3 coats for the photo below.

Nottingham is a black base with fine holographic shimmer. The shimmer isn't showing up holo at all in my photo but I promise its there. on the plus side as you can tell, in non sunlight this has a nice silver shimmer also haha! The formula was great, it was a nice consistency and had great opacity. This is an easy 1 coater, I did use 2 coats but the second wasn't necessary.

Robin Hood is a green creme. This is a nice blue based green that is gorgeous on its own but will also be a great base for nail art or glitter! The formula was good, it was a little thin but easy to apply with good opacity. I used 2 coats.

Watchful Nights is a deep purple creme. This does tend to look a black when your in regular indoor lighting but outside and in bright light the purple comes out. The formula was on the thin side, I also had issues with it being patchy. Its best to use a soft hand with this and float the polish on. I used 3 coats for the photo below.

The Midlands Collection is available now at Color4Nails.com, each polish is $11. You can save 10% off your order with the code PolishAh10. 


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