August 25, 2016

Color Club Stamping Plates Review

Hi guys! Today I have something a little different for you, I'm reviewing some of the new Color Club stamping plates! Color Club released a ton of plates recently and I picked up 3 from Color4Nails, Sisi also added an extra 3 to my order to I have all 6 in this post.

The plates are really nice, they have a sleeve they go in with instructions on the back and a hard plastic backing. The places are also gold which I think is fun, I don't have any other plates that are gold in my collection. The plates are fairly small but they pack good punch with 12 squares of images. I found these all fairly easy to use with all of the different stampers I have, I tried them all with a regular sticky stamper and with a few different clear stampers and could get most images to pick up with each. Click the read more button below for more details about each plate I have!

The Bandana Plate has a variety of paisley designs. Most of the images were easy to pick up but I did have issues with the top 2 on the right being difficult.

The Hawaii Plate has a variety of tropical images. This ended up being my favorite of the 6 plates, all of the images were exceptionally easy to pick up, by far the easiest of the 6 plates I have. My favorite image from the plate in the top left image!

The Emoji Plate has a variety of different emojis. I really like that there are full nail designs along with larger individual emojis. For the most part these were easy to pick up...I found the diamonds to be the easiest for me. I did have a ton of issues picking up the polishing emoji which was a big disappointment since I feel like thats the one I would use the most. I also had issues picking up the thumbs up images.

The Candy Plate has a bunch variety of yummy candy images to choose from. Most of these were easy to pick up, the only one that really gave me problems was the large swirl in the bottom right corner, I had a hard time getting them to not be patchy.

The Unicorn Plate includes a bunch of magical images, from cartoon unicorns to fluffy clouds. This was the plate I was most excited about! Most of the images were easy to pick up, I did have issues with some of the finer lined ones though, like the rainbows and the clouds in the bottom left corner. My personal favorite image from the plate is the cartoony one in the top left corner!

The Ugly X-Mas Plate has a bunch of ugly Christmas sweater designs. I love this one...I feel like I'll get a lot of use out of during the holidays. This was one of the trickier ones to pick up images from, mostly because there are so many small lines. Overall I think i'll improve as I start stamping more.

I really enjoyed the plates I got and will probably end up buying more in the future! If I could only pick one plate to get from these 6 it would hands down be the Hawaii Plate, it was one of the easiest plates I've used ever.

You can find these at, each plate is $10. You can use the code PolishAh10 to save 10% on these!

Disclosure: I purchased the Candy, Unicorn and Ugly X-mas plates. The other 3 plates were sent to me for review!


  1. The images on these stamping plates look really nice.

  2. They all look useful. I seem to collect nearly as many stamping plates as I collect polishes lol.


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