September 9, 2016

First Impression Friday: Shleee Polish

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? I'm not sure what I'm doing but I do have a nice 3 day weekend so I'm looking forward to getting some relaxation time in!

This week for First Impression Friday I have a couple polishes from Shleee Polish to share with you! I added this brand after a post in a Facebook group about underrated brands. Shleee was one of the originals on my list to try for this series and I finally decided to push the checkout button in their etsy shop a couple weeks back! Shleee has a lot of anime and cartoon themed polishes so if you like those kind of things this brand is right up your alley!

I placed my order on 8/12/16 and received it on 8/17/16, so the turn around time was good! The polishes arrived in a bubble mailer and individually bubble wrapped. There was also a copy of my invoice. I actually got 3 polishes but just didn't end up liking the 3rd so I've decided to just post the 2 I did like. There was nothing formula wise wrong with the one I'm not posting, I just really ended up hating it on me...maybe it will make an appearance one day if I can find a layering combo I like for it! Anyway... check out the swatches after the jump!

Art angles is a light blue base with pink/red shimmer. I almost didn't order this one because the listing said it was a 4 coater but I decided to get it and I'm glad I did! The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and easy to apply. It is sheer but not as sheer as I was expecting it to be, I only used 2 coats for my photos and that was enough coverage for me. Bonus, this polish makes me look tan...that's not an easy thing to do.

Jakku is a glittery/shimmery copper with silver flakes. This polish is a stunner and I don't think I have anything quite like it. I like that both the copper and the flakes are visible, they don't just eat each other up. The removal for this one will be a nightmare if you don't use a peel off base, just throwing that out there! The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and not thick like I worried it might be. The glitter payoff was fantastic, I used 2 coats plus top coat for the photos below.

Shleee Polish is available at, polishes retail for $7-$12!


  1. Sharon Parayos MerrittSeptember 9, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    I've been a fan of Shleee Polish but lately have gotten lost in all the new stuff (SO much out there LOL) so I'm glad you did this. Love copper but that blue is beautiful!

  2. I have been absolutely loving the shimmer polishes this year and this one is gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE Shleee polish and have almost 50 of them! They both look amazing on you. :) We have a Facebook fan group if you ever feel like joining. It's called Flock of Shleeep


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