September 2, 2016

First Impression Friday: Wicked Polish

Happy Friday! This week for First Impression Friday I have a few polishes from Wicked Polish to share with you! Wicked Polish has been on my need to try list for a long long time. I was going to buy from here a little while back but then she took a little hiatus. She just recently returned so I decided I better get what I want now, just in case!

Wicked Polish is known for glitters, there are a lot of fun color and shape combinations and thats what originally drew me to the brand. I placed my order on 8/12/16 and received it on 8/27/16, the turn around time was listed as 3-5 business days but my order didn't end up going out until around 8 business days. I did message Wicked Polish on etsy to ask about when my order would ship and got a quick response letting me know that the maker had been sick and she was catching up, I definitely appreciated the quick response so the slower than normal shipping time doesn't really bother me.

My order arrived in a small cardboard box, everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and there was a nice thank you note. There was also an extra polish included because of the shipping delay, I felt like that was much more than was necessary!

Check out the polishes I got after the jump!

Hallucinating Gremlins is made up of a ton of different colors and shapes of glitter. there is everything from black to neon green and blue. I really like all the shapes going on, you have hex glitter, bar glitter, rectangles and stars. The formula was ok, it was a little thick but it probably has to be to hold up all of the glitter. I found application to be easy, but you do have to manipulate the glitter a bit to get this where you want it. I think the best way to apply it would probably be to dab it on with a cosmetic sponge, that way it sucks up all the base and you get even more glitter. I used 1 coat over Zoya Noah plus top coat for the photos below.

Heist is a mis of silver, black and iridescent glitter in a clear base. This was the extra and I really enjoy it! It wasn't available in the shop when I placed my order or I probably would have picked it up then(I believe it is making its return today). The formula was good, again a little thick but fairly easy to apply with great glitter payoff. There is so much glitter in this that I felt like I didn't have to manipulate it a lot to get the glitter spread evenly. I used 1 coat plus top coat over Zoya Mallory.

Hematoma is semi translucent pink and blue matte glitter in a clear base. This one while I love, was kind of a pain. The glitter in my bottle was sinky in a weird way, when it arrived the glitter was all kind of bunched toward the top of the bottle. It shook back together easily but would bunch up like that pretty quickly. I guess I can't really call that sinking glitter but I'm not sure what else to call it haha. Other than that if you give it a good shake right before applying it was fairly easy to use. It is one you'll probably want to put on using a cosmetic sponge if you want really good glitter payoff, otherwise it was a little base heavy. I applied it normally and had to do a good amount of manipulating/dabbing to get the glitters spread out. I used 1 coat plus top coat over Zoya August.

Wicked Polish is available at


  1. Some great looking glitter toppers!

  2. J'ai Hematoma depuis un petit moment, les paillettes roses se sont décolorées et il est devenu tout pâteux :-(

  3. Well, I just gave Wicked Polish a BUNCH of my money, thanks to you. :)


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