October 12, 2016

Color4Nails HaloChrome Powder Pigment Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Today I have a quick review of the HaloChrome Powder Pigment from Color4Nails to share with you! Powders like this have become very popular over the last couple of months, starting with chrome and now we have holo! I've tried out chrome powders and holo powder from another company but this was my first time trying the HaloChrome powder from Color4Nails.

The HaloChrome Powder is 15 micron which means that the particle is smaller (I've seen 35 micron and 50 micron holo pigment also). The other holo powder I have is 35 micron and in terms of if they look different on the nail, they DO. I found the 35 micron powder to be more holo, this 15 micron powder looks more chrome on the nail to me. These types of powders are best used over gel and sealed with gel so you don't kill the effect, but I have seen people get nice results with regular polish and a water based top coat.

I used a burgundy gel polish as my base for this mani, however you really can't tell! Typically powders like this are meant to go over a no-wipe gel top coat for best results, its how I used the other holo powder I have and the chrome powder I've tried. I for whatever reason could not get this powder to stick to a no wipe top coat...I thought it was just user error so I used my other holo powder and it worked fine. I'm not sure if the difference in micron size has anything to do with that problem. I ended up re-doing my nails and using a gel top coat that has a sticky layer (Orly Gel FX Top coat) and that solved the problem. For a detailed tutorial of how to apply powders like these I would suggest hitting up youtube, there are tons of videos on holo powder and chrome powder nails!

As far as wear goes, I am still wearing this and it looks just as good today as it did on Sunday when I did my nails!

Below are photos and a little video from Snapchat of the HaloChrome Powder in action!

 Below is what the packaging looks like for the powder. You get 2 grams in the container and it has a little sifter.

The HaloChrome Powder Pigment is available at Color4Nails.com for $15, as always you can save 10% at Color4Nails with the code PolishAh10.


  1. Wow! I guess I live in a cave lol, I haven't heard about nail powders much. Do any type of pigments work, or are these specific to nails for some reason? I have a ton of pigment powders, one uber-holo silver I'd like to try this with. Will have to check out the YT tutorials and see I guess. Sounds like it might be messy though, and I already have enough trouble that way with regular gel nails! :)

  2. Nice swatches and review on this powder pigment.

  3. I've only tried ones marketed for nails so I really can't say if any type of pigment would work...sorry! Wouldn't hurt to give it a try though!

  4. So you applied this on the tacky layer, without cleansing? I got this but I don't have a no-wipe top coat yet so I was waiting to try it.

  5. yep! That's the only way I could get it to actually stick on the nail!

  6. :) that's okay, thanks! The one I have just looks so similar, I might just have to try and see. The end result is just stunning from what I've been seeing here and on YT!


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