October 26, 2016

Mystery Grab Bags For Sale!

Hey everyone- I'm reposting this because I still have a few grab bags to sell!

Hi Guys! Its that time again, I have destashed like crazy! I've been meaning to do these grab bags since February, literally boxes of polishes have been sitting in my living room since then! Between my Grandma passing away and Degen getting hurt I just never found the time...until now! All of the money from this will be going to pay for the amount I still owe from Degens massive surgery he had in March which cost a whopping $8,000 (I wish I was exaggerating). All the detail, pricing, how to buy and the like will be after the jump!

Edited to add: I don't think I ever told you guys really what happened to Degen...I'll put his story at the end of the post if you're interested in reading about it!

Grab bags will be $25, which includes priority shipping. Each grab bag will contain 6 polishes. Most likely the majority of the polishes will be indies but each bag will have at least 1 (or more) Mainstream or Boutique brands of polish. All polishes have been swatched once on 4 fingers.

I will be shipping the grab bags to US addresses ONLY. I apologize to all my international readers, I wish I could ship to you guys but there are just so many rules and regulations that go along with shipping polish internationally that I don't want to risk doing something wrong and having the polishes not reach you.

For those wondering since I do receive a fair amount of press samples, some of the polishes in the bags are polishes I received as samples. I have spoken to each indie brand included in the grab bags and gotten the ok to include them. I will not be including Mainstream polishes I received as a sample in these bags (no OPI, China Glaze or Zoya unless I purchased them...sorry!)

I will try to accommodate you if you dislike a certain color, just let me know. If you want a grab bag and dislike glitter you're going to be out of luck...just sayin'. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to accommodate every request since these are first come first serve. Please make sure to let me know in your email if you have any requests, i.e. "I don't like yellow polish."

Please email thepolishaholic@gmail.com with the subject GRAB BAG if you would like to purchase one. Please include the email address linked to your Paypal account in your email. I will send you a PayPal invoice for $25, please make sure to pay within 24 hours of getting the Paypal invoice!  If you want to purchase more than 1 grab bag let me know and I will adjust the amount :)

Back in mid March I got to my parents place for lunch, Degen spends the day at their house while I'm at work. My Dad is retired and Degen gets lonely by himself so it works out nicely. When I got there for lunch my Dad told me that something had scared Degen while he was outside and he jumped and landed funny and let out a huge yelp. After that he couldn't walk so my Dad put him on the couch until I got there, when I got there he could walk but he wasn't using his feet correctly so he would just fall over...it was the saddest and scariest thing I have ever seen. I realized something was seriously wrong and took him to our regular vet immediately. 

Our vet took x-rays and decided the issue was neurological because there were no broken bones in his feet, legs, neck or back. We were then sent to a specialist a few minutes away and they were able to see him within the hour. The Doctor that looked at him agreed that something was wrong neurologically and asked that we leave Degen overnight so he could have an MRI in the morning. Once they took the MRI they discovered that the way Degen landed when he jumped caused the vertebra at the very top of his neck to be compressed and they were crushing the nerves that told his feet how to work. After they called and told me what the issue was I gave them the ok for surgery and they did it that same night. They went in and fixed up the affected discs and then "cleaned out" the rest of them...there was some fancy lingo for that but I can't remember the exact name :P

Here is Degen a couple of days after his surgery, I was expecting the scar to be on his back so it was shocking when they brought him in the room. The incision went from the middle of his chest all the way up under his chin.

Once I got to snuggle him for a little bit they took him back because he needed to stay a few more days before I could take him home. When I got him home he had to be confined for 3 weeks, he was only allowed to walk when he went outside to potty. Let me tell you, that was the awful. After about a week he was feeling good again and all he wanted to do was run around...I actually had to go to the vet and get him dog sleeping pills! 

Since the surgery and recovery he's been great...you wouldn't even know anything had happened to him. His walking is normal again and his fur finally grew back so you can't even see the scar! The neurologist said that he was lucky because I sought treatment for him so quickly, with these types of injuries the longer you wait the less likely surgery is to completely reverse the issue. Once dogs stop feeling pain in their feet its unlikely that they will ever get full use of their feet back, even with surgery. It has been such a relief to have him heal so well, the Doctors at my vet and the specialist were fantastic and I can't say enough wonderful things about them.

P.S. did you know that there are dog brain surgeons out there? I didn't know that was an actual thing...but it is and the place that did Degen's surgery had one on staff! my mind was kind of blown when I found that out!


  1. poor puppy dog!!! glad to hear he is better

  2. Oh man, and I thought the repercussions from Kasper eating chicken strips from China was expensive at the animal hospital. I would have gone completely apeshit if that had happened to my dog, I would have been curled up on the floor whimpering. I am so glad that he did so well and that you were able to get him into the specialist's as fast as you did. Good luck with your sale!!!

  3. So glad Degen is okay! 💛

  4. what a story!! wow! I am so glad everything went fine with Degen, would love to help pay your debt but I live in México so I will just send you guys good vibes :)

  5. Thank you ♥

  6. Ah, the woes of the weiner dog. It's such a shame that they're so susceptible to hurting themselves because they're such sweet dogs. I'm glad he recovered well and is doing better!

  7. SO glad Degen is okay. I hate to see (or hear about) animals suffering. A friend's mom had a wiener dog that broke his back coming down the stairs. Luckily they also took their dog to a vet and surgery was successful.

  8. maybe you can set up a gofundme account to raise money for the surgery

  9. Poor doggy! I'm glad they were able to help him but those costs sure add up fast :(

  10. Sharon Parayos MerrittOctober 27, 2016 at 7:08 AM

    Oh, poor Degen! I'm glad I got to hear the whole story! He's such a sweetheart - so lucky you responded quickly for him.

  11. I'm glad that it was caught so quick too, I don't even want to think about what would have happened if it wasnt

  12. Whewwww. That was a scary read. I'm so glad that he made a full recovery. What a great dog mom you are!

  13. Wow. I'm so glad Degen recovered! He's very lucky to have you as his dog mom!


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