November 19, 2016

Additional Addictions: Hard Candy Glamoflage Pigment Makeup Drops Review

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far! Today I have my review of the new Glemoflage Mix-In Pigment Makeup Drops from Hard Candy to share with you! The are 12 colors right now, ranging from Fair to Deep. These can be mixed with pretty much anything to adjust or custom mix a foundation color. You can mix them with a foundation you already own that is too dark or too light, you can make a tinted moisturizer, mix them with primer or serum etc. I tried them pretty much every way and really enjoyed them! Below are the 3 shades I was sent to try out, my personal shade ended up being Light 1.

The drops come with a dropper applicator which makes it easy to adjust how much or little you use. I found that I got the best wear with these by mixing them in with my primer. I have some old acne scarring so I used 6-7 drops with my normal amount of primer to get the coverage I wanted. I also would go back with only the drops for spot coverage which meant not having to use concealer! The finish with these will depend on what you are mixing them with but I did find that on their own they gave a nice natural matte finish to the skin.

Overall I really like this product, it is very comparable to the Cover FX drops and they are so much cheaper! If you need to custom mix your shade these are a great tool for that and buying a few of the shades won't break the bank. These are available available at Walmart and, they retail for $7!


  1. Its great to hear your liking them.

  2. But... I expected a review, showing swatches :(

  3. There isn't really much to show since depending on what you mix with the shade will be different


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