November 18, 2016

First Impression Friday: Pepper Pot Polish

Happy Friday! Today for First Impression Friday I have a couple polishes from a brand called Pepper Pot Polish! I believe I found out about this brand through a post on Facebook about underrated brands and added them to my list after checking out their shop! Pepper Pot makes lip gloss and eye shadow in addition to polish which is great, there is something for everyone!

I placed my order on 10/19/16 and it arrived to me on 10/24/16, so the turn around time was great! The polishes arrived in a bubble envelope. There was a sample baggie of eye shadow included as an extra but unfortunately mine kinda exploded in the package so I didn't try it out. Luckily the polishes were nicely bubble wrapped and weren't dirty from the eye shadow.

Check out what I got after the jump!

Boot & Rally is a greyed purple base with blue micro glitter and pink hex glitter. I don't think my photos do much justice to how pretty this polish is, I've been tweaking my lighting and these were I think the last photos taken before I finally got to a point I liked. Anyway...I suggest looking at the photos in the Pepper Pot shop, they represent the polish much better in my opinion! The formula was good, it was a little thick but I had no issues with application. It was sheer but it built easily and was opaque in 3 coats. This dries with texture from the glitter so you might need 2 coats of top coat to smooth it out. I used 3 coats plus top coat for my photos.

Late Night Study Buddy is a medium brown base with a golden shimmer. I really enjoyed the shade of brown and the shimmer is subtle but it still gives nice contrast and texture to the polish. The formula was great, it was a really nice consistency and good opacity. I used 2 coats plus top coat for the photos below.

Pepper Pot Polish is available at, Polishes retail for $6.50-$10 each!


  1. Oh man, that brown is a diarrhea shade. It looks like a beautiful formula but the color is most unfortunate - is it that way in real life or my screen?!

  2. Stacy Plowman-PennockNovember 18, 2016 at 3:13 PM

    Oooohhh, I've never heard of this brand! Thanks for the introduction and the excellent review!

  3. I can see why you think that lol! I like "ugly" browns like that though!


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