Hi guys, thought this might helpful. If you have any questions that I've overlooked or something you want to know feel free to shoot me over an email at thepolishaholic@gmail.com

If you're wondering about specific things like what products I use, how I store nail polish, how I paint my nails etc... please check out my Friday Favorites series by clicking here

*How old are you?
 At this very moment, I am 26. Though I still like to act like I'm about 17 most of the time :D

*Where are you from?
Born, raised and still live in beautiful Orange County, CA.

*Do you have a day job?  
I do! I work at a construction company, in accounting. I've worked there for almost 7 years!

*When did you start getting into nail polish?
I first started collecting polish mid 2009. Before that I was a chronic nail biter my entire life. I started buying as a way to reward myself for not chewing off my nails. It worked!

*What hobbies other than blogging do you have?
I go to a lot of concerts. Not as many I used to but it's something I very much enjoy. Other than that not too much, hanging out with friends and my dog...I'm pretty boring I guess!

*What is your favorite top coat?
I wouldn't say I have a favorite, but I have a few that I switch between on a regular basis. My favorite quick dry top coats are Seche Vite, China Glaze Fast Forward and Sally Hansen Insta Dri. I find that there are a few draw backs with each. The tend to get thick and goopy about half way through the bottle, but that can be fixed with thinner! My favorite non-quick dry top coat is CND Super Shiny but it's rare that I use it because I am incredibly impatient!

* What is your favorite base coat?
Typically I used CND Stickey. Occasionally I use Essie Fill The Gap if I'm wearing something like a holo or foil finish polish that will show all the imperfections on the nail.

* Where do you buy your polish?
I tend to buy mostly at local independently owned beauty supply stores. Occasionally I will buy from Target, Ulta or Sally Beauty depending on what I'm looking for. I also shop a lot online, my favorite etailers are Transdesign, Victoria Nail Supply and Apothica

*Do you use any nail treatments?
I love Nailtiques Formula 2! I usually use a cot of it under all my mani's. It keeps my nails strong! I also have been using Essie Feed Me recently, it's a great hydrating treatment!

* How do you clean up your manicures?
I use an angled eyeliner brush I got from Target, it was under $2, and some acetone. I dip the brush in the acetone and use it to clean up any polish that I got on my cuticle or skin.

*What kind of nail polish remover do you use?
OPI Expert Touch...pretty much the only thing I use other than pure acetone for clean up!

* How do I fix a dried up or goopy nail polish?
Nail Polish Thinner! Please people, do not thin your polish using nail polish remover or acetone...that is a no no. I like the Beauty Secrets brand of nail polish thinner, I got a gigantic bottle of it at Sally Beauty and it's wasn't very expensive at all!

* What are your favorite hand lotions/cuticle oil/cuticle creams?
I'm a huge Lush fan, I love Lemony Flutter and Helping Hands. I also really love Burts Bees Cuticle Balm.

*What kind of nail file do you use?
I use a glass file  I bought at Sephora, this one! I have the purple one, I like it because my nails have become a lot less peeley since I started using it.

*How much nail polish do you have?
I actually have no idea, I like to remain blissfully ignorant about the actual number. I might fall over and die should I ever calculate the actual amount. But I own A LOT of polish as you can probably tell by looking at my blog!

*How do you remove glitter nail polish?
The Foil Method, it is a godsend! You soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it on your nail, wrap tin foil around your entire finger to seal it all up and let it do it's magic for 5-10 minutes. As you pull off the foil & cotton ball apply a little pressure and all (or most) of the glitter should come off. I hated super glittery polish before I heard about doing this method of removal!

*What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Cannon PowerShot SD1400IS. It's hot pink, for anyone trying to take NOTD photos or swatch photos I would not recommend getting a hot pink camera, it tends to reflect on the nail and it's a real pain in the you know what sometimes haha...learn from my mistake!

*What kind of lighting do you use for your photos?
99% of my photos are done in natural light, either bright sunlight or in the shade. Occasionally I use an Ott Lamp, but I don't like the way my photos usually look that way so I don't use it very often.

*What is a dusty?
A dusty is a nail salon or low traffic beauty supply store that sometimes has old discontinued polishes. You can occasionally find amazing HTF polishes on the cheap. It's fun to try and hunt stuff down.

*What is your favorite nail polish finish?
I love most everything but my favorites are linear holographic and multichrome polishes. The only thing I really dislike is super frosty finishes.

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